• - Fabulous old school techniques, leading in craftsmanship, quality, and durability
  • - Aesthetically Pleasing and Art Like
  • - Exclusive
  • - Whether it's a new development, or simply spicing up an existing room, cement tiles instantly transform any ordinary space into a work of art
  • - Perfect for commercial and residential settings
  • - Fits any lifestyle and decor
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New York's Most Prominent Tile Company

Ever since its foundation, New York Cement Tile put great emphasis on ornate aesthetics as well as beautiful and creative design. Composed of core members whose experience lies in both interior design and entrepreneurship, the company continues to manufacture captivating state of the art cement tiles influenced by different cultures from around the world; effectively producing unique hand-made premium cement tiles to this very day.

Our encaustic cement tiles are hand made by artisans with generations worth of traditional techniques, high quality materials, and a passion for the highest craftsmanship. These tiles are a great way to spice up any project with fabulous timeless colors, patterns, and designs.

Why Cement Tile

Cement tiles are a fabulous choice for any new development, or a revamping of an old area. An extremely effective option to instantly, and easily transform any space into a breathtaking sight. They’re extraordinarily durable, yet they still manage to have an extremely esthetically pleasing appearance. New York Cement Tile retains exquisite craftsmanship and authenticity combined with modern exclusive designs.  

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