1. Our Cement tiles are pre-sealed at the factory with 2 coats of sealer.Therefore, another layer of sealer is not necessary. One layer of sealer may be applied after cleaning and before grouting. This acts as a grout release to prevent the tiles from being stained with grout. Do not use any acids to clean tiles. Use a PH neutral cleaner.
  2. Allow two (2) to three (3) days for sealer to cure after tiles are laid before grouting of joints.
  3. Use Laticrete, Mapei or equivalent un-sanded grout, using manufacturer's instructions. Recommended grout joint width is a tight joint of 1/16" - 1/8". Joints should be full and free of all voids and pits. Grout should be applied in small areas and immediately cleaned. Do not spread the entire floor with grout like a porcelain or ceramic tile. Once grout has been applied and starts to dry, remove excess grout immediately. Grout that sits too long can be difficult to remove from the tile. Do not affix duct tape, gaffer tape or acid tape directly onto cement tiles surface. Tape can discolor or stain your cement tiles. Typically cement tile is grouted with white or light colored grout. If you decide to use colored grout we recommend that it be a color that is the same, or lighter than, the lightest color used in the pattern. Note: Take special care when using black or dark grout. Although they can be used, dark grouts can stain lighter colors on the tile and be very difficult to remove after installation.
  4. After installation, wash floor with a neutral detergent. Any extra residue or mortar should be removed immediately. Do not allow water or other liquids to spot, pond or ring on the surface of smooth tiles (ie: Do not leave spillages, drips or wet buckets, cups, footmarks, etc. on the surface at any time). For hard to remove residue, a single disc floor machine with a white pad may be used.
  5. Seal the clean floor, including grout, a second time with the penetrating sealer.

Note: These installation instructions are offered as guidelines only. New York Cement Tile will not be held responsible for errors, problems or issues due to installation.