New York Cement Tile is able to create new designs, shapes, and textures based off of your desire and project specifications.

Cement Tiles are made with natural materials, are a GREEN PRODUCT, and are very durable.

Each tile is made individually.

Cement tiles are made of two different layers. First Layer - Color Layer The first layer provides color, brightness, and abrasion resistance. This layer contains a fine mixture of white cement and crashed natural white marble pigments. This layer is 3-4mm thick. Second Layer - Structural Layer The second layer strengthens the first layer. This layer contains mortar cement and fine sand. This layer is about 12mm thick. Both layers are compressed in a special cement tile press. When you look at the side of the tile, you can clearly see the two layers.

Once the production process is completed, each tile goes through a meticulous quality control, where each individual piece is tested.

Lastly, the cement tiles are packaged and are prepared for shipment.