Top Tips for Using Zellige Tiles in Your Home

Top Tips for Using Zellige Tiles in Your Home

Zellige tiles, with their vibrant colors and intricate designs, add a touch of exotic elegance to any space. These handcrafted Moroccan tiles can transform your home, but their unique characteristics require special considerations. Here are some top tips for incorporating Zellige tiles into your home design:

1. Embrace Imperfections

Zellige tiles are handmade, which means each tile is unique with slight variations in color, texture, and shape. Embrace these imperfections as they add character and authenticity to your space. The irregularities create a rich, artisanal look that is impossible to achieve with machine-made tiles.

2. Plan Your Layout Carefully

Before installation, lay out your Zellige tiles to see how the variations in color and pattern will play out on your wall or floor. This helps you achieve a balanced look and ensures that any particularly unique tiles are placed in prominent positions.

3. Use a Neutral Grout

Given the vibrant and glossy nature of Zellige tiles, it’s best to use a neutral-colored grout. This allows the beauty of the tiles to stand out without being overshadowed by contrasting grout lines. White or light grey grout typically works well.

4. Consider Professional Installation

Zellige tiles can be tricky to install due to their handmade nature and uneven edges. Hiring a professional installer with experience in Zellige tiles can ensure a flawless finish and proper handling of these delicate tiles.

5. Seal the Tiles

While Zellige tiles are naturally water-resistant due to their glazing, it’s a good idea to seal them, especially in areas exposed to moisture like bathrooms or kitchens. Sealing helps protect the tiles and grout from stains and water damage.

6. Use in Feature Areas

Zellige tiles are perfect for creating stunning feature walls, backsplashes, or accent pieces. Their intricate patterns and vibrant colors draw the eye, making them ideal for areas where you want to make a statement.

7. Mix and Match Colors

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors of Zellige tiles. Combining various hues can create a dynamic, mosaic-like effect that adds depth and visual interest to your space. Just ensure the color palette complements the overall design of your room.

8. Maintain Regularly

To keep your Zellige tiles looking their best, clean them regularly with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the glaze. Regular maintenance will help preserve their glossy finish and vibrant colors.

9. Think Beyond the Kitchen and Bathroom

While Zellige tiles are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, they can also be stunning in other areas of your home. Consider using them in entryways, around fireplaces, or as decorative wainscoting in dining rooms.

10. Coordinate with Other Design Elements

When designing with Zellige tiles, coordinate their colors and patterns with other design elements in the room, such as cabinetry, countertops, and textiles. This ensures a cohesive look and enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.


Zellige tiles bring timeless beauty and artisanal charm to any home. By following these tips, you can effectively incorporate these stunning tiles into your design, creating spaces that are unique, elegant, and full of character. Embrace the uniqueness of Zellige tiles and let their vibrant colors and patterns transform your home into a work of art.

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