Cement tiles are not difficult to maintain. Once they have been sealed correctly, the surface can be cleaned with products that are suitable for use on natural stone.

Only non-acidic cleaning products should be used. Acid will etch the tiles, resulting in discoloration and/or pitting on the surface of the tile. Do not use vinegar, or products containing vinegar.

For a very stubborn stain, the tiles can be lightly wet sanded with an extra fine sandpaper, 400 grit or finer. It’s important to use water when sanding, to avoid scratching the tiles and to prevent residue from settling into the pores. The sanded area should be cleaned and allowed to dry thoroughly. Once dry, the area should be resealed.

The sealer has to be a solvent base sealer. We recommend Miracle 511 Porous Plus, or equal penetrating sealers for natural stone.
Most sealer’s brands recommendations are, to re-seal the tiles anywhere from 3 to 10 years.

These installation instructions are offered as guidelines only. New York Cement Tile will not be held responsible for errors, problems or issues due to installation.