Cement Tiles



Cement tiles are an exceptional choice for any new construction project or renovation endeavor, offering a remarkable ability to instantly and effortlessly transform any space into a breathtaking spectacle. Not only are they extraordinarily durable, but they also boast an aesthetically pleasing appearance that enhances any environment.

New York Cement Tile epitomizes exquisite craftsmanship and authenticity, seamlessly blended with modern, exclusive designs.

Originating in mid-19th century Spain, cement tiles quickly found their way to Paris within a decade. Accompanied by their skilled artisans who shared their techniques, these unique tiles made their journey to America, becoming a common high-end flooring option widely utilized at the turn of the 20th century. Although their popularity waned around 1920, they experienced a resurgence in the 1940s, proving that these marvelous works of art are truly timeless.

Even in modern times, cement tiles are crafted with a meticulous and painstaking process, incorporating contemporary and vivid designs to meet diverse aesthetic preferences.

The Process: At New York Cement Tile, we have the capability to create new designs, shapes, and textures tailored to your desires and project specifications.

Made from natural materials, cement tiles are eco-friendly and exceptionally durable, with each tile crafted individually.

These tiles consist of two distinct layers:

  1. Color Layer: This layer provides color, brightness, and abrasion resistance, comprising a fine mixture of white cement and crushed natural white marble pigments, measuring 3-4mm thick.
  2. Structural Layer: The second layer reinforces the first, containing mortar cement and fine sand, with a thickness of approximately 12mm. Both layers are compressed in a specialized cement tile press, resulting in a distinctive two-layered structure evident when viewed from the side.

Following the production process, each tile undergoes meticulous quality control, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. Finally, the cement tiles are carefully packaged and prepared for shipment, ready to adorn your space with enduring beauty and style